Why insulation is important

Heating and cooling (space conditioning) account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average American home. About 20% goes for heating water. On the other hand, lighting and appliances and everything else account for only 10 to 30% of energy used in most residences.

Unless your home was constructed with special attention to energy efficiency, adding insulation will probably reduce your utility bills. Much of the existing housing stock in the United States is not insulated to the best level. Older homes are likely to use more energy than newer homes, leading to very high heating and air-conditioning bills. Even if you own a new home, adding insulation may save enough money in reduced utility bills to pay for itself within a few years.

You can achieve an energy efficient home by installing Certainteed batts, Insulsafe blow, or Optima Blow-In-Blanket System.
Certainteed Batts

Building insulation is a light-density fiber glass blanket
used in residential construction for thermal and
acoustical insulation of walls, ceilings and floors.

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Insulsafe blow

InsulSafe®4 is a superior fiber glass insulation that
provides unique advantages over other blown-in
products used in attics. It may be used with both automatic
and hand-fed pneumatic blowing machines that
are recommended for fiber glass application by their

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Optima Blow-In-Blanket

BIBS® gives homes a custom-designed, seamless,
thermally-efficient sound-reducing blanket that
completely fills any void. OPTIMA® Fiber Glass
Insulation is blown behind a special OPTIMA® fabric
or equivalent in new construction. It can also be used
for retrofitting sidewall applications. This product is
designed for closed-cavity applications only.

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