Retrofit is for homes built prior to 1960.

Most of the homes built before 1960 have minimal insulation in the attic and no insulation in the exterior walls. These homes are not very energy efficient, since most of the heat lose in thru the ceiling and the walls.
Retrofitting is a process that will enable the exterior walls to accept Insul-safe fiberglass blow.

The Insul-safe fiberglass blow is put into the exterior walls exposed to the living area, by pneumatic process.

A 2" hole is drilled through the exterior stucco every 16" above and below fire blocks. Then the insulation is installed into the holes by pneumatic process and plugged with a 2" cork. The cork is then patched with a stucco compound. No texture or color match included.
The attic is then blown with a 7 1/2" Insul-safe blow. This will help prevent heat lose through the ceiling. This prevents energy lose and saves money on your utility bills

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