CertainTeed CERTAPRO™ Thermal FSK Faced Batts

Basic Use:
These light density batts enhance thermal performance in exterior and interior walls and floor/ceiling assemblies. FSK faced batts are UL listed for Fire Hazard Classification (FHC) 25/50, and are intended for exposed applications in commercial construction where a vapor retarder is needed.

Installing CertaPro Thermal FSK Faced Batts can save energy and help control building operating costs. The product also provides enhanced acoustical performance, contributing to a quieter interior environment.The product resists bacteria and fungal growth and will not rot or deteriorate. CertaPro Thermal FSK Faced Batts are lightweight and will not settle or sag.

Composition and Materials: This product is made from inorganic glass fibers bonded with a thermoset resin to form a uniformly textured, yellow blanket insulation. A flameresistant foil-scrim-kraft (FSK) facing is adhered to the fiber glass.

The National Electrical Code prohibits installation of insulation over or within 3” (76 mm) of recessed light fixtures, unless approved insulated ceiling (IC) lighting fixtures are used. Insulation should be kept clean and dry at all times.

FSK is available in R-11, R-13, R-19, R-30, R-38 and comes in 16" and 24" batts

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